Warranty Policy


AA Engineering warrants that our steering products, either rebuilt or new, are free from defects in material and workmanship when in normal use and service conditions of the vehicle on which it was installed.  AAE extends this warranty to the owner of the vehicle provided that the ownership has not changed since the installation of the product.



Product Warranty Time Limits From Date of Installation



Rack & Pinions (New or Remanufactured) are covered for 24 months.
(Rolls Royce / Bentley racks carry a 12 month warranty.)

Power Steering Pumps (New or Remanufactured) are covered for 12 months.

Steering Columns (New or Remanufactured) are covered for 12 months.

Steering Gear Boxes are covered for 24 months.



In the event one of our products fail during normal use, as described above, return the failed unit to the AAE distributor where the product was originally purchased.  The distributor will process the warranty according to their published procedures.  Should the part require a warranty analysis by AAE, the distributor will return the unit for our review.  Once AAE has approved the warranty return, an AAE free replacement unit will be issued. AAE will have no obligation to pay or reimburse the owner of the vehicle for the cost of removing and returning the failed unit or for installation of the replacement unit.  AAE DOES NOT ACCEPT ANY LABOR CLAIMS FROM INSTALLING SERVICE CENTERS.  Our company’s product liability is strictly limited to the replacement of the unit and does not cover damage to the vehicle or other personal damages that may be caused. 

This warranty does not apply to units which have been altered, modified, damaged, misused, improperly installed, contaminated internally, torn or ripped bellows, or units used in applications other than recommended in our catalog.  FAILURE TO PROPERLY FLUSH YOUR ENTIRE STEERING SYSTEM WILL VOID THIS WARRANTY.  All decisions regarding the judgment of a warranty decision is solely at the discretion of AAE.  If you have questions regarding the performance or installation of an AAE part please contact our Technical Support Team for assistance.





Protect your investment by making sure your entire steering system has been analyzed. Consider replacing both your power steering pump and your rack & pinion together at the same time as these two parts work in tandem and can affect one another. Always make sure your steering system has been properly flushed. Change you power steering fluids regularly and never run your pump low or without steering fluid. Only trust a certified automotive specialist with the installation of a component within your vehicle’s steering system.