AAE Facilities


AAE's new 125,000 sq ft complex is home to AAE's Corporate Office, Customer Support Center, R&D Facility, Manufacturing, and Distribution Facitliy.  Strategically located in Tabor City, NC, AAE has easy access to all transportation channels including the Ports of Charleston and Wilmington.


With the most state of the art automated production and quality control equipment available, AAE’s manufacturing plant is well positioned to handle the demands and growth of its customer base well into the future.

Utilizing a hybrid of the Toyota Production System, whereby assembly line and cell manufacturing processes are integrated, its manufacturing capability remains extremely flexible.  In fact, AAE can and does process small batches of high demand parts at the same cost effectiveness as producing large volume runs.  This translates into the industry’s best fill rates for our customers.  It also allows AAE to provide an R&R (repair and return) service that can produce a 24 to 48 hour turnaround time; something our classic car restoration customers have come to rely on.

AAE’s R&D center is at the heart of it all, keeping us well informed about the very latest vehicle applications.  Also, while other remanufacturers rely solely on suppliers to bring the components required for the remanufacturing process, AAE takes a more proactive approach.  Working with industry leading seal and o-ring manufactures, AAE continually brings products to market faster.  Recognized for its knowledge and expertise, AAE has become the company to call when faced with a challenging application.

At AAE, we understand that when the vehicle is up on the rack, your customer needs to source the part quickly and correctly in order to maximize his revenue opportunities. However, with the complexity and options of vehicles on the road today, it is virtually impossible for the wholesale distributor to stock every part number.  This means having quick access to our inventory is a critical factor in their purchasing decisions.


With these factors in mind, AAE has made its inventory available through the following distribution locations:

New York, NY

Tabor City, NC

Gardenia, CA



AAE's JV China Production Facility

AAE's Rack and Pinion Production Plant