Support Services

AAE is here to assist your company.  Looking for something specific?  Contact our customer service professionals and let US help you with a customer specific solution.

Repair & Return Service

Over the years, AAE’s R&R service has become a signature trade mark of the company. From hard to find applications to a strong following amongst the Classic Car owners and clubs across America, AAE has built a reputation for assisting those who value keeping original parts with original vehicles. 

AAE can in most cases complete your R&R within 24 to 48 hours of receiving the part. Contact our Customer Service Group and let AAE do the rest. 



Are you a member of a Classic Car Club?  AAE wants to be your clubs preferred vendor.  We can offer your organization a direct link to our site so other members can easily learn about our organization.  In addition, AAE will set special member pricing and club support rebates for your loyal support.  Call today or send us an email for more information.  Contact AAE.



Does your company sell parts beyond your local service market? Ever consider using AAE’s Drop Ship Program to get the part there quicker and less expensive?  AAE maintains strategically positioned distribution facilities capable of getting parts to your customers quicker, and in today’s business environment a day can be the difference between getting the sale and losing it.

Through AAE’s drop ship program, AAE will process shipment of any AAE part directly to your customer from any of our 5 distribution centers.  All orders are identified with your company’s name and contact information. We merely serve as a back office shipping point for your company. 

To learn more give our Customer Services Group a call today and let AAE help you sell more parts.